Jordan performing the Prelude  role in Fokine's Les Sylphides

Lauren Estess (2012-2017) University of California, Santa Barbara

Emily Isaacman (2012-2017) Indiana University, Dance Major

Jordan London (2013-2017) Professional Division Level 2 at Houston Ballet Academy

Yasmin Madjidi (2013-2017) University of San Diego

Christina Martinez (2012-2017) Loyola Marrymount University

Audrey Philyaw (2013-2017)  California State University, San Marcos

Michelle Fan (2011-2016) University of California, Berkley

Emily Zhu (2011-2016) Brown University

Emily Ashdown (2010-2015) California State Long Beach, Dance Major

Kaylee Bosse (2010-2013) Gonzaga University, Literature and Dance

Stephanie Cotton (2010-2014) Trainee at Nevada Ballet Theatre, 2014-15

Hannah Pritchett (Fall 2013) University of California, Irvine, Dance Major

Alexandra Polaski (2010-11, 2012-13)- San Francisco Ballet Trainee 2013-2016, Boston Ballet Trainee 2016-17

Bailey Sonner (2010-12)- Working as a Professional Musical Theatre Performer

Skylar Sorkin (2010-13)- Canyon Crest Academy Envision Dance Participant, 2013-16

Angela Xiao (2010-2013)- Canyon Crest Academy Envision Dance Participant, 2013-14

Laura Xiao (2010-11)- Canyon Crest Academy Envision Dance Participant, 2011-2013

Vivian Zhang (2010-13)- Invited to perfom with Inland Pacific Ballet Company while attending Scripps College


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